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Overview: What We Sell

We sell complete restored or "as-is" mills as well as individual vintage windmill parts for most post WWI windmills including Aermotor, Baker, Challenge, Currie, Dempster, Fairbanks-Morse, Fairbury, Flint & Walling, Heller-Aller, Samson-Stover, Woodmanse and others. We also sell factory new mills, towers, windmill pumps and well pumping accessories as reflected on subsiquent pages. See our eBay Store page for individual prices on vintage & used restoration parts.


-Complete Windmills-
Available Brands & Models


We have numerous complete mills currently in inventory. Aermotor, Dempster, Monitor, Challenge,  F & W Star, Currie, Fairbury, Samson, Baker Heller-Aller, & Woodmanse just to name a few. Open back-geared & self-oiling styles on-hand now. Our availability changes weekly including our consignment windmills.
Starting at $700

"As-is" Heads & Parts

We also have "as is" heads as well as vintage invidual parts for your restoration project. Open back-geared and self-oiling styles are available.

Call for Availability & Prices


Well Pumps & Parts

Your windmill display isn't complete until you add a vintage well pump at its base. We have numerous decorative non-working pumps available for that purpose or we can help you build a complete recirculating ornamental stock-tank system with running water.

Call for Availability & Prices


Vintage Nuts & Bolts

We also vintage used square head nuts and bolts. Even the hard to find original Aermotor ones in the uncommon 11/32, 13/32, 15/32 19/32 & 23/32 sizes.

Call for Availability & Prices


Aermotor Windmills
Used Model 602's and 702"s manufactured from 1916 -Present. Available in 6' -8' -10' sizes.

Starting at $700


Dempster Windmills

Used Model 12's or 12A's, manufactured from 1922-present. Available in 6' -8' -10' sizes.

Starting at $700


Used Towers & Accessories


Whether you are looking for a custom 8ft indoor museum style tower or traditional 20-40ft angle iron tower, we have them. Several brands available including Aermotor, Baker, F&W, Dempster and others. We also make custom wood tower platforms from 5/4" treated lumber and have vintage and refurbished pull-out winches or levers. 

Call for Availability & Prices

Just because you don't see it in one of our pictures doesn't mean we don't have. Please take time to contact us with your needs as our inventory changes daily.

We also sell our windmills, mill parts and pumps on eBay. Our eBay seller ID is WINDMILL-PARTS . Check our weekly listings including our eBay Store. You'll find over 1000 items listed consistantly. Our eBay auctions start and end throughout the week. Most of our ebay items are listed as "BUY NOW" items so there no waiting or bidding against others.

Visit Our eBay store by clicking here.
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