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New & Rebuilt Mills
On this page we list a sample of the factory new windmill products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with additional items. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices updated 1/1/19.


Factory Rebuilt Windmills


Looking for a refurbished Chicago Aermortor 702 or 602? These vintage mills are remanufactured by one of the long time industry leaders. Each mill is fully reconditioned with new bushings, shafts, pitmans, pins and other parts needed to return each mill to pumping condition. Matched to freshly hot dipped galvanized sheet metal in perfect condition.

X-702  $1995
A-702  $1999
 B-702  $2895
A-602  $2150
 B-602  $3000
 Prices do not include
tower, freight or install. 
FOB Freeman, SD 

American West Windmills  NEW PRICING as of 10/7/18


For a new 702 model American West Windmills are manufactured by FIASA, having been the manufacturing licensee of the original Aermotor Co. for many years. Between 1969 and 1980 FIASA produced all Aermotor windmills sold in this country. Today FIASA sells more windmills world wide than any other mfg. Contact us for pricing on 12ft, 14ft & 16ft mills.

6ft  $2199
8ft  $2499
10ft $3499
Hot dipped
 galvanized wheels
at no extra charge.
Pull-out lever & wire
 included FREE.
 Prices do not include
tower, freight or install. 
FOB Amarillo, TX

WindEngine 702  We no longer offer this Mexican import.


The Mexican made WindEngine 702 mills were a decent value in today's marketplace until about a year ago. But something changed and unresolved warranty issues have been piling up. SO WE HAVE DISCONTINUED SELLING THEM. If we can't get the factory to honor their warranty, chances are you can't either. However, if you're looking for a reliable pumping mill we suggest you consider some of our other options.


8ft: N/A
10ft: N/A
12ft: N/A
( But then again, nothing is really free )
FOB Indianapolis, IN

Just because you don't see it in one of our pictures doesn't mean we don't have. Please take time to contact us with your needs as our selection of items is far too large to list everything available.

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