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Our eBay Store


In addition to making purchases directly from our shop and warehouse you can buy hundreds of vintage windmill parts at substantial savings from our eBay Store. We are eBay's largest vintage windmill parts vendor having conducted in excess of 9000 transactions on eBay alone. Currently we have 1000 + listings with many offering single piece or multiple quanity purchase options. We offer everything from complete windmill & tower packages to single nuts, bolts or gaskets you may need for your windmill pump. Our listings include new, used & vintage items. Our seller feedback rating is 99.6% with a large percentage of repeat buyers posting 5 STAR ratings for our communication, prompt shipping, accuracy of description and reasonable shipping costs. Almost all of our listings are fixed price "Buy Now" style auctions, so there is no bidding against others nor do you have to wait to complete a purchase. You can pay immediately for an item by credit card or debit card even if you don't have a Paypal account.

Click Here To Go Directly To Our EBAY Store


Sample ebay Store Page
Our ebay items are shown in an
ebay Store directory with color pictures and BUY NOW prices & shipping costs shown. Once you make a purchase you'll receive an email invoice you can pay by credit card.

Shopping in our eBay Store is a breeze. Just use the Store search box located at the left center margin of the page you'll be transfered to by clicking above. Type in a single word or phrase, click search, and you'll be able to view the items that cross reference. EXAMPLE: Type in Aermotor to see hundreds of Aermotor related items. Refine your search to A-702 if you want to consolidate items viewed to that specific model & size. Refine your search to A-702 Brake Band if that is the only part you are looking for. A huge collection of Windmill Literature items can also be purchased there if all you need to start is reference material. Whether you buy something or not visiting our eBay Store can be fun as well as educational as each item is pictured lending itself to be used as an excellent reference pictorial.
We do not de-list items from eBay to sell them directly as that is forbidden by eBay's please do not ask. However, in many cases we have similar items available that can be purchased by either phone or email contact.
Specializing in Collectable, Antique & Vintage Windmills & Parts
 Buying, Selling, Consignments & Insurance Appraisals 
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