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New Towers & Bolts

On this page we list a sample of the new windmill tower products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with additional items. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices updated 1/1/19.


Aermotor Style U.S.A. Made Towers


Manufactured of high quality steel with hot dipped galvanizing makes these towers both durable and long lasting with finishes resistant to nature's elements. They are easily assembled and include all hardware plus wood platform. Anchors sold seperately. Sizes from 21ft to 60ft available. Stub towers of 3ft, 4ft & 7ft are also available.  

U.S.A. Made towers are manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen using original Chicago Aermotor Co. blue prints and specifications. Contact us for pricing on towers for 10ft & 12ft windmills not listed.

21ft X 6/8 $1269
27ft X 6/8  $1475
33ft X 6/8  $1749
40ft X 6/8  $2099
3ft Stub $125
Anchors $205
27ft X 10 $1699
33ft X 10  $1899
40ft X 10 $2249
3ft Stub $147
Anchors $215
Prices do not include
 freight or install.
FOB Indianapolis, IN

New Square Head Nuts & Bolts; Galvanized


   1 1/4"
   1 1/2"
  2 1/2"


5/16" 18NF



3/8" 16NF


Vintage and used tower nuts and bolts are also available, subject to inventory status. This includes the hard to find original Aermotor 11/32, 13/32, 15/32, 19/32 & 23/32 sizes. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Tower Platforms



We have platforms for any brand tower. We offer two styles of wood including those for Aermotor towers as well as many others.

Our wood towers are built with treated lumber and are available in Aermotor style clipped corner, square or indented side configurations depending on your ladder set up.


Square or Indented 
6ft/8ft mills  $98
 10ft mills  $115
Clipped Corner 
6ft/8ft mills  $100
 10ft mills  $105
Shipping not included 


Aermotor Style Pump Pole Guides & Splices




Pump pole guides help to keep your wooden pump pole from flexing on the windmill downstroke. They provide for a smoother stroke increasing the life of your wooden pump pole and cylinder leathers. Each set is galvanized steel to include 2 arms & pole mount bracket. This Aermotor design can be adapted easily to use on other brand towers.

Our pump pole splices are made of zinc coated steel, complete with nuts and bolts. Use these to repair broken or cracked pump poles or for creating long pump poles for tall tower applications.

Pole Guides 
19" Set  $15 
30" Set  $18 
41" Set  $23 
53" Set  $27 
75" Set  $29
Add $2 for custom     
length applications.    
 Pole Splice   
$12 as shown 

To the best of our knowledge, we have the lowest prices offered anywhere for quality merchandise. We do not pad freight rates like some vendors trying to make up for a low everyday price. If you buy it elsewhere you'll likely pay too much!

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